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Move my Cat’s Litter Box: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deciding to move your cat’s litter box can be a nerve-wracking project for both new and experienced cat owners. And potentially also to the cats in question. Most cat behavior is usually pretty predictable; they love their own routines and rituals, and this doesn’t exclude the litter tray! It’s usually best not to enforce change […]

How to train your cat to use an automatic litter box?

How to train your cat to use automatic litter box

Investing in an automatic cat litter box is one thing. How to train your cat to use an automatic litter box unassisted sure feels like something else. There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive new cat litter box for your cat to make their nine lives easier; only to have the decision scolded by them […]

How to choose an automatic cat litter box: The Ultimate Guide

In a modern world where every intolerable task is taken care of thanks to technology, you can guarantee there’s something out there to take care of cats’ waste. Are you at the point in your cat’s life where you are asking yourself if you should take the plunge and get an automatic cat litter box? […]

Can cat litter make you sick? the dangers of cat litter

Can Cat Litter Make You Sick? The Dangers of Cat Litter

As a cat owner, you may also be wondering – are there any dangers of cat litter for humans? Can cat litter really make me sick? Most products will produce a cloud of dust into the surrounding air and your first instinct is probably to hold your breath. Well – rightfully so!  We are more […]